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Falling Into You

(Part of a limited-time Wordmakers charity anthology. Currently planning a rom-venture based on my MCs.

by Laura Tatum

When Audrey Harrington fills in for her cousin’s successful proposal staging business in France for the New Year, she expects to fall in love. It isn’t for a lack of trying. Yet, the sous chef, the snowshoe guide, and the bartender all end up becoming her family… along with the rest of the staff at Hôtel d’Amour. And when she falls into retired wrestler Callan McCray’s arms, she knows her very own affair to remember will remain hopeless.

Callan McCray hires a proposal service to stage his big New Year’s Eve night in the French Alps. But the CEO he hired isn’t there, and neither is his fiancée. Instead, his best-laid plans fall
apart at the slightest touch. But at the Hôtel d’Amour, wishes have a way of coming true.

My current project, a gothic beach book, in pictures: 

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